Saturday, June 28, 2008

A full arc rainbow over the Meadows 0625

I love this sight and you have to be fast enough to capture this natural display. A full Arc. If you look close enough its a double rainbow. captured on June 25th '08.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mitsubishi Robot Ad!


Hats off to the minds behind this ad. The Mitsubishi Robot Ad played in NBA game last nite with Lakers and Celtics. Its very eye catching. No words, just action! See it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coke Classic

I love it when I find this being produced even for just a limited time. I missed the Hutchinson bottle design last Christmas. They brought back these straight sided, classic Coke bottles, designed as how it looked like in 1900s. These 4 bottles are a reproduction.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ouch! Its blinding!

You can hurt someone with those heels! Klunk! Ouch!

Sleigh ride! Cést la vie! wheeee....

yeayy!...Cést la vie! Mummy, i love my ride!
I took this of an adorable little girl, who melts you every time she smiles, pulled by her mom. 2 image were super imposed or would I say collage? Taken with my cellcam.

Chisel Away!

What do you do for fun in a freezing cold winter! You sculpt. These were taken at Plymouth Ice Fest sometime in late January.


Peace, Yo!

taken with my cell camera.

A canvas is a canvas.

Leave it to an artist to doodle away. No one will say that its not okay to scribble on the wall.

If I had done this to my parent's place, I'll be in the corner for time out! hahahaha:)
These were taken at the Art & Design Gallery, University of Michigan one cold day. Love this work.

A deer and its bambi

Last Thursday, June 12th, I spotted a doe, at least I think it is & its baby nearby and I just have to take a picture. mmm...yummm! Corn field of gold!

Dec & June. What a difference!

A sight to see!
Dec 20th, white, brrrr... and sunny. Gorgeous!

June 4th, green, lush and foggy. Fresh!

These 2 images were taken at the same spot, no photo touch up, just pure image put together.

I am pretty, oh so pretty, I am pink and purple and

Fuschia, as what I was told the name of this oh, so lovely flower. its like a puffy skirt. Taken at Ann Arbor Farmer's Market on one Saturday late May of '08.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I Walk for Ice Cream:( = :)

Summer is here and so is my ice cream craving, like as if I need a season [reason] to go for ice cream:) I am heading to Washtenaw Dairy for my yummy treats! My fav, Mocha Fudge is no longer in production at Stroh's so they are not carrying it any more! Why! Why! Oh why! Urrgh! Oh well, lets not make that a reason to stop. Latest and greatest, the Almond Joy ice cream at Washtenaw Dairy. Yummm!!!! Coconut ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and chocolate covered almonds. Are you drooling yet? But. Yes, there's a but. Now, I have to walk so I can have my ice cream treat. I would walk miles and miles for these reward! just tell me where it is that points to the best mom and pop store:)
Butter Pecan & Chocolate kid's cone

1 and half mile walk from downtown Ann Arbor = 1 Kiddy cone ice cream. Its worth every pace and every drop of sweat! A week's hard work's reward after sitting in my cube looking at a screen doodling, coloring websites! More later. Summer = sun = ice cream!