Friday, April 4, 2008

To drink or not to drink - Spoon Lickin' Good till the last drop - experience

Oh yummy goodness! how I wish I am a mini giraffe [its skinny and tall] and jump into the bottle of Calder Dairy's Peach drinking yogurt and clean the bottle up. Yes, its that good! Same goes to their Strawberry Banana drinking yogurt whom my colleague introduced last few years, bought from Lincoln Park location and we can never find it close enough to get in Ann Arbor till recently, after years of waiting! Bello Vino carries them. Both of us would scrape till its last drop if we can, which we did actually:) and no shame admitting to it! we both did just that, putting the bottle upside down and the goodness flows 2 more spoonful! . How I wish the bottle is designed with wide opening, like that of the milk bottle, you know? Mini version of course. Cute! Its smooth, sweet and tart with all the creamy goodness says it all. Perfecto! hmm..

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