Friday, February 27, 2009

Kaya Toast

My first entry in 2009. click image for a larger view and drool.

Kaya ToastYumm...Kaya* Toast! It is very common to any breakfast or coffee shop in Malaysia or Singapore. A must for me to have if I go out for breakfast. Not that I cannot make them myself, like Grilled Cheese Sandwich, making it to me is an art by itself. I'm serious about how these two sandwiches are made:) It is not merely smearing Kaya on the a well toasted white bread with either butter or margarine, but how much you put on the bread is key, so it would not taste too sweet. Have it with coffee or tea and your tummy will be happy! oh yummm..

Kaya, a coconut spread or jam that is made of coconut milk, eggs, sugar and juice of pandan* leaf, cooked together till it thickens. Now you can find them commercially produced and packed in cans. The word Kaya in Malay means rich. Therefore, this is a rich tasting toast! double yumm!

Pandan or Screwpine leave is a tropical plant that is mainly use in many Southeast Asian cooking. Mainly for its aroma, it is used either whole in cooking or by extracting its juice for desserts, almost as vanilla is commonly use.