Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Eid "Feastication" at Home, Oct 2008.

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Caught your attention, Did I?:) - Fleshy Durian. Yummy!My excitement started the day I got my ticket to fly home. That was about 1 month before my 24hrs flight to Malaysia. uuurgh..that's the only part I do not like. long flights, but my anticipation of being back home overpowered my tiredness.

Day 1. touchdown in KUL at 11.47pm Sept 28th. My 5th sister startled me from behind at the luggage area covering my tired eyes. Slept only a few hours from Friday night. Too excited to sleep. I can't help tearing happy tears seeing very familiar face. Gave her a good hug.

Got at her place, showered, rest up a bit before leaving early morning at 7am, left for KL to do some document before my real vacation.

Day 2. Left for Kuching the next day the eve of Eid, the day all Muslims celebrate the holy month of Shawal after the holy month of Ramadhan, where fasting is observed, from sun up to sun down.

Oh, how I miss the air, the humidity, the aroma of food cooked for the feast in the morning. Mmmmmm.

Day 3. Eid 1st day. Wednesday.
Family & Food. There's emotion, happiness & sadness all in one on this very day. meeting them after so long was truly an event for me to absorb and observe.

Day 4. Eid 2nd day. Thursday.
Family, Friends, Food. Met my old classmates, Jean, Angela and Rita. Oh how good they looked! Reminiscing the high school days! Then my closest friend and ex colleague, June came, and I went to my first house visit, an old colleague, Azlan, a fellow schoolmate too!

Day 5. Eid 3rd day. Friday.
My 2nd sister's housewarming. Food prep - Lontong. That was one of the best I've tasted. More family! more FOOD! No images taken as I am helping prep & absorbing my many, many food experience that I forgot my camera!

Day 6. Eid 4th day. Saturday.
Aaaaah...a breather. Had KFC. yup..I got KFC. just because:) they have the new lime flavor. yumm. with my 7th sister for a haircut. Ooof! the hairdresser is not listening, doing his thing!

Then at nite, more FOOD!!! this time, the ones that I have longed for. the ordinary food, nothing fancy, but dang good! Dabei - an olive like fruit, oh so good, so creamy almost taste like avacado and Engkalak - a pinkish, soft flesh fruit , both prepared with just pouring hot boiled water, when soft, drained and sprinkled with salt. Oh so good! Both only found in Borneo. Had salted fish with hot rice. Heaven! Sorry, no images here as I am so engrossed with Food I have with my mom!

Images from Sunday Market in KuchingDay 7. Eid 5th day. Sunday.
Sunday Market! my favorite day when I got to go to the local Farmers market.Pictured here from L to R, Top to bottom are Kedondong, Purple Yam, Okra (aka lady finger), Tapioca, buah kepayang (local only to Borneo), fresh Bamboo shoot, Asam Macang, Kacang Botol, Red chillies, Rozelle, Engkalak, Papaya, More chilies, Curry & Kefir Lime leaves and Jering. Click on the images for a bigger view. Drool:).

Mee Kari for Sunday breakfast at Kaya & Toast
Had Mee Kari ( Curry Noodle) for breakfast! yes, breakfast! went with Mom, my eldest sister, my three brother-in-laws at Kaya and Toast. I must say, that is very good Mee Kari! oh yes, with Teh Tarik.

Got back to help my 2nd sister get ready for another open house. Sorry, no images (which I should have taken as its Laksa Kedah made by my 7th sis! ) here either as I was helping to prep for her big day and also heading out after all is set with my girlfriends..Man..my schedule is so tight!
Then off I go. My girlfriends, Idah, Has and Elon picked me up for my other friend Madinah's for the Eid visit. Upon arrival, all of us became high school girls again! screaming and giggling talking about old times.

Durian from Pasir Pandak, BorneoIt is also today, at night, on my full swing schedule, that I had my first Durian Feast after 3 long years! ooohh...come to Mama!

Zul, The Durian tree ownerThe owner of a tree who bears this fruit, my eldest sister's husband's buddy, Zul. I am not shy but JUMP to the invitation with just one word. DURIAN. Thank you Zul, for those delicious Durian and Rambutan!

Rambutan, a hairy but deliciously sweet, almost Lychee-like fruit, indegeneous to Southeast AsiaI managed to have a taste of these sweet Rambutan at his house.

Day 8th. Eid 6th day. Monday.
Another personal thing I need to do.
Lunch at my 6th sister's place. Man, its Jering, Kacang Botol ( direct translation, Bottle Nut - yet it doesn't look any like a bottle) Oooh...tiger prawns, Yam leaves with another rare family eggplant, Terung Asam or Terung Dayak as we called it, which I only saw and found in Borneo. Pictured here from L to R, Top t bottom, are Sambal Udang, Sambal Halia with Jering & Kacang Botol, Engkalak with sprinkled salt..yummm, Sayur Keladi, Udang Galah ( Tiger Prawn), Pisang Otel aka Lemak Manis, Mussel, Ikan Tongkol (local Tuna) with Terung Asam and more Jering.

Look at these babies!Well, actually, its Durian again, but I am having dessert before main meal:)

The infamous Sarawak Mee KolokDay 9th. Eid 7th day. Tuesday.
Pick up my renewed passport. Bought and made eyeglasses and lunch - Mee Kolok* - oh so good!, ABC** [air batu campur] and CucurUdang*** (shrimp fritter)!

Taken with my eldest sister's blackberry camera phone and in her own words. -
Local breakfast fare - the infamous kolok mee, authentically Sarawak Chinese dish, which some Singaporeans don't mind to fly home with kilos of them. Oh, of course to other overseas destinations where there are diaspora of Sarawakians, regardless of their race.
More of this will continue in another blog entry.

Laksa Sarawak DinnerRight now as I am writing, its Laksa Sarawak at my 6th sister's place for another dinner. Tell me if this is not feastication!:) Pictured here are Udang Galah; in row btm to top, cilantro, kalamansi lime, small shrimp, sprouts, shredded chicken, jullienne egg omellette ; Laksa Sarawak Gravy, on other serving plates; Lamb with cumin, more buttered shrimp, and potatoes. Drooling yet?

My trip didn't end there just yet. To be continued...


dayangbest said...

ya baruk kakdeng!!!
kamek balit riya pon semua disapu
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makan iboh padah...

LimeBug said...

Look at my updated blog! Drool Dayang jgan sik Drool:)