Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Engkalak: The Jurassic fruit of Borneo:)

I was tested by an old friend, aPayne, today, on having Engkalak as a my breakfast drink while having an online conversation. I would take that even though I have never tasted it in a form of a drink. It might taste good. Like avocado in a smoothie?:) mmmm:)

Engkala or Engkalak is a fruit that most in Borneo eat for lunch and only found on that island, as far as I know of. Its scientific name: Litsea garciae. It has a hint of sweetness to it when its ripe. The texture and taste of this fruit is very much like avocado, maybe a bit more softer. Green, when its still on trees and when ripe, it turns to this pretty shade of blush pink! Eaten when its totally ripe or to speed up for consumption, pour warm water on the pink, cap off, fruit. Cover it for a few minutes. It will soften in no time. Drain, sprinkle with salt and you're good to go. I would eat this alone or best with hot white rice. Just that. Nothing else and I am a happy camper!

The taste is like having creamy avocado sprinkle with salt and eaten with hot rice. The sprinkled salt enhanced the the overall flavor. A hint of sweetness and lots of creaminess. You do not eat the skin, just the fleshy part of the fruit. It does have a pit that just pops right out when you squeeze it.

Many may not dare to eat this fruit, even locals, because of its appearance when you take off the cap:) or maybe the elderly may just want to have it to themselves and not let the kids have them, so they tell you weird stories! But, like some jungle or tropical fruit, looks can be pretty deceiving. Try it, once, you may like it. Payne, I dare you!:)

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