Saturday, May 16, 2009

My very own first recipe: Coconut Tea Cake

I missed my Mom and her delicious Coconut Cake that she bakes in one of her Brass Dutch Oven. ~ ooh, the crust!!! I don't have a dutch oven but I do have a regular one as in many households nowadays. My cake version was not even close to my Mom's whose cake is so authentically classic. Shredded Coconut with lots of Eggs, sugar, butter and flour but, at least the flavor is there. I was thinking, a Light cake for tea.

This cake was first made on a recent Mother's Day, created for a very good friend, Naomi on her 1st Mother's Day. I was out of the regular ingredient for my favorite French-Style Lemon Yogurt Cake and since I am making her a Malaysian Home cooked lunch, I thought its time to brave myself in a new cake creation based on that Yogurt Cake recipe. I always have coconut milk in my pantry anyways. So here goes:)!

Sharing with all the bakers out there who has been hit by the baking bug:)
Coconut Tea Cakelook at the close up shot, I can't resist but peel of that corner crusty top layer when the cake just got out of the oven. a habit of mine. oooh..:)

Coconut Tea cake - by yours Truly:) first made on May 10, 2009

Heat your oven to 325ºF

Ingredient A:
4 eggs
1 can coconut milk ( 400 gm/13.5oz)
2 cups sugar** ( see notes below)
1 cup* canola oil

Ingredient B:
3 cups* of flour
4 tsp of baking powder

( Time for all this prep is only about 15 mins)

Mix ingredient A well till nice and smooth but not over mixing. Then, add in Ingredient B. Pour in a greased and floured 8x8 pan.

Bake in 325ºF for about 1 hr or till skewer comes clean.

**NOTE: My sister, the first tester on the other side of the globe, said its a bit sweet with 2 cups of sugar, you may want to reduce it to 1 1/2 if you like:)

1 all-purpose flour - Cup US = 125 gram - g
1 cup oil = 8 fluid ounces( fl oz)

Happy Baking, Bakers!:) these are really good with plain unsweetened hot tea or coffee.

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