Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anthony Bourdain and the King of Fruits! Hah!

I salute you Anthony Bourdain! Saw him on No Reservation Indonesia episode, he ate the King of Fruits! - the Durian. Pronounced as [doo r-ee-uhn, -ahn] Duri, in Malay language means thorn.

durianThe only thing is that, someone needs to teach Tony the exact way to extract, what most westerners think as stinky fruit, those delicious sweet, heavenly, custard-y flesh. He whacked the poor thing in the middle, diagonally. A no, no!:) The fruit, ( I am so passionate in opening this fruit ) nature had divided into compartments:), sections. If you look carefully, there is a line, what I call a river running through the thorny valley (always in my fantasy world with thorny jungle) - tweak the top that usually cracks when ripe. ooolala!- you will find, what we call the sleeping cat, the best of all. Meaning, in a compartment, resides one, not two nor three, but one cuddly looking, fluffy, sweet, yummy goodness which, most of the time with a very small seed. Tell me how else can you describe this. Oww..I cannot think! How I miss this fruit!

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