Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turmeric Pepper Chicken Salad®

Turmeric Pepper Chicken Salad®

I have been eating good lately. I am gonna make some of my friends who read this drool:) you know who you are:) Its healthy, cheap and so yummy. I call it clean food. [ substitute any greens according to your region]

I miss my mom and her cooking especially fried fish marinated with turmeric and salt. I can eat a plate of just that.

Its cut chicken breast about half inch thick, marinated with turmeric powder, salt and fresh cracked pepper. Sometimes a squeeze of lemon juice. That's the short marinate. The long marinate, my fav chef, Alton Brown would soak chicken with salt water with a few peppercorn and overnight it in fridge. I love this technique. Your chicken is so moist and flavorful when you cook 'em. I would soak the whole chicken breast before cutting it.

Pan fry chicken with a bit of olive oil in pan . 5-7 minutes on each side or like I do, I would flip it if I see the one side all caramelized:).

Once cooked, I let those good eats rest a bit. That is if I can stand it. I'll have romaine and iceberg lettuce with chopped parsley. A mixture of the lettuce creates the crunch factor, then come the cut into cube chicken. Sprinkle with raisins. Yes, raisins. Anti-oxidant, sweet and scrumptious, a contrast in taste against the salty goodness, crunchy almost tasteless vege with aromatic parsley. No. I did not forget the dressings because I don't use dressings in this one. may think, "R U nuts? Salad without dressings???" Trust me. Enjoy the taste of just the cold raw vege against warm or even cold chicken, with sweet raisin and aromatic herb, is enough to tease your taste buds:) let it dance, let it dance:) yummm. Well, if you still want dressings, squeeze some lemon and drizzle olive oil:) m-m-m-m-m:)

Try it, cooking is an art, not science;) Baking is. Just watch your salt:)

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