Thursday, July 31, 2008

oooooh...Come to Mama!

Chocolate Goodness, by Katie Moon.

Chocolate Cake! yummm! I was writing about healthy food, eating them and as I was doing so, my door bell rang and there stood an angelic face of my neighbor with what I see as food in her hand. I was already smiling. Nothing looks like that than Chocolate Cake! Yummy, glistened shiny chocolate frosting see through from the container. oh my! She ask me if I would like to have some chocolate cake!!! "PINCH ME!" I told her:) Thanks Katie! oh I am so running/cycling/walking this weekend and I don't care! It's worth every bite!

I can't wait. Not to even put in on a plate. here's a few seconds damage I have made.

No mercy!
Yumm! That is a serious cake! Smooth, Chocolaty and Super Moist!! leave me alone now:)

Katie is my neighbor whose kids I go play with whenever I hear their voice outside. They have been my remedy of my missing my nieces and nephews at home. Bless those kids. We exchange food a lot, which I also do to my other long time friend and neighbor, Naomi:)

Yang, if you read this, there might be or not be any left:) heheheh. Its mine..all mine...muuuahahahahahaha!


dayangbest said...


meleleh2 air liur nangga!

LimeBug said... I said, Pinch Me!:)I was so craving chocolate cake that time:)