Friday, August 1, 2008

My dad's cat named Girl & the Anniversary Cake

My Dad loves to send short message (sms) from his cell and tell me about the happenings back home and the latest that just melts my heart was about Mom & Dad's 48th Anniversary celebration.

Before I continue, in his sms, he said that the celebration will be at my eldest sister's house and the so called cake would be made of *lemanta' which he said also known as **Tumpi' , which makes me smile when I read it, groggily , will be serve, glazed with baby prawns and special meat gravy and all delicacies and drinks from palms such as coconut and ***nipah juice. ("oh how is my sister going to produce this?" I thought.)

, he said, feeds him growing up during the WWII.

He said that he had invited his friends... (O-Oh! wait till my sister finds out because he had said to her, a family affair only...oooh my! ) ... his message continues, "including my cat named Girl" who waits for him outside the bathroom door when he shower or getting ready for his prayers, and runs out the door when she hears his motorbike outside. - Ooowh...

I must say, Tumpi' is one delicious delicacy to me till now. How my mom and my late grandmothers would make it is with Sago and shredded coconut with a bit of salt. Mix together and lay the ingredients flat on a flat pan. No oil. Coconut produces enough fat so the flat cake would not stick. My mom would put a banana leave on top of the mixture, then , another flat pan or a kettle to press it down. Almost like the panini press technique.

I smiled when he sms me this. That was about 1.30 am last July 30th, 2008.

*Lemanta' - pronouced as luh-mahn-tak (silent the "k" ) ; aka. Sago flour, can be substitute with any starchy flour, eg., tapioca or corn flour, Tapioca would be closest.
**Tumpi' - pronounced as 'toom-peek' - again with no emphasize on the letter "k"
***Nipah - pronouced as 'nee-pah' - a Nipah palm that produces juice from its sap. Sweeter than coconut juice.

Below are pictures of Piper and Zeus, Naomi's cats she got from the Humane Society last month.
Piper, the active one, trying to reach my phone and sitting at his spot behind Naomi's laptop.

Zeus ( below) at his 2 favorite spot, Naomi's bag and his CatCouch.

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