Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OnineOnineOnine:) & my fresh garden Pizza

o9o9o9 - a date that most think as lucky and for some, because of how it sounds in a certain language, means otherwise. To me, below is what is interesting about this number 9.
"In base 10 a number is evenly divisible by nine if and only if its digital root is 9. That is, if you multiply nine by any natural number, and repeatedly add the digits of the answer until it is just one digit, you will end up with nine" - wikipedia
I am not going to talk about numbers in this entry but just sharing a little knowledge I got from the web.

I will be talking about my summer obsession with my little garden. Little pots of flowers, herbs, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini.

veges in my balcony
produce harvestedRecently, I had harvested and made my very own garden produced vegetables into a quick pizza using pita bread that I bought fresh from a Mediterranean Market nearby, also topped with Spanish cheese. I have always wanted to try Spanish cheese when Rachel Ray used it in her sandwiches one time.

Firstly, I had sauteed onion, bought; bell pepper from my garden and sliced thinly beef in a pan for my meat portion of the pizza, then I sliced the cheese thinly, arranged so it almost covered the pita, topped with sliced tomatoes and zucchini from my garden. Since i did not have any basil, I chopped some cilantro then top it off with the sauteed beef. Everything were just eye-balled into each piece of pita that I have. Drizzle, extra virgin olive oil on top of the pita and put them in a 35o deg F oven for about 20 minutes or till the cheese melts.

beef pizza
Thinly crusted beef pizza. No sauce, just sliced cheese, tomato and zucchini and cilantro with a drizzle of extra Virgin Olive Oil. Voila!

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